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Web services

Websites are the digital door to your business. We understand the importance of having a great website represent your business online, and we want to help you provide people with an experience that will help them remember your business. The three main functions we focus on is gathering data, creating aesthetically pleasing designs and pushing leads to your sales funnel.

Web design

Looking to build a new website for your business? Let OIC Digital plan, design, build and manage your business website. We have created our own web development system to get your business website up and running. Our process starts with a consultation to get all the information needed from you. We then review all the requests you want for the business website and then we proceed with our web development system.

Web redesign

Happy, but not too happy with your current website? Looking for a website redesign, a new look, a new feel? Let OIC Digital take care of your web redesign needs. Technology, trends, and styles change, so don’t let your aesthetics fall behind. Keep your business website up to date with a modern look. Make your first click (impression) count. Colors, fonts, styles, spacing, layouts, orders, forms, and all the other elements that form the front-end of a website can be updated and redesigned without affecting the back-end or the current functions of your website. Changes are published once approved, and there is a very small downtime on your website.

Web upgrades

Looking to get your website software and/or platform upgraded? We can get the job done! Let us install tracking software, pixels, ad retargets, heatmapping, website indexing, submissions to search engines, site mapping, SEO development, link cleanups and redirections, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), plugin updating, security checkups, web speed performance, web load speed, mobile compatibility, file organization, C panel management, cleanup, and firewalls. We can do all of that. Do you have a special request? Give us a call: (281) 619-8303 Looking to transfer your website from Joomla to WordPress or another platform? Give us a call.

Landing pages

Looking for a specific “CTA” Call to Action landing page? Landing pages for specific marketing campaigns, specific product, services, events, information. We set up landing pages with the objective of producing leads. The purpose of the page is to get data, sales, leads, and inform visitors about a specific objective. Looking to add landing pages to your business. Lets get started! “CONTACT US”