The Lazarus House picks OIC Digital as their event marketing partner

Lazarus House and OIC Digital marketing partnership

OIC Digital has been picked to be The Lazarus House event marketing partner for the upcoming Lazarus House event in Houston, TX.
OIC Digital will be working with The Lazarus House to create and promote the non-profit’s event to raise awareness and funds for the vision of Lazarus House and its services.
Lazarus House has been serving the community for over 20 years in Houston, TX. The vision of Lazarus House is to provide a dedicated space for the physical training and health wellness of individuals dealing with collateral and life interrupting issues of chronic illness.
Lazarus House provides a safe and developed environment to cater to the individuals who need this type of support.
Lazarus House is not only a place to physically train the body for better health, but its also a ground for nutritional guidance, and support. Though our program we are able to provide the access of trained professionals and the environment to bring success to our visitors.
The Lazarus House extends their arms to the whole community. With your support we will be able to keep our good cause going and serving the individuals who are able to live a better life thanks to the support they get through the Lazarus House.
If you are interested in learning more please visit he Lazarus House website.