Social media marketing ideas for non-profit events

non-profit marketing ideas

Social media marketing is an effective tool when it comes to marketing non-profit events. You are able to reach a local and national audience depending on how you program your ads and campaigns. We, at OIC Digital have been working with the non-profit sector and would like to share some tips to help current and future non-profit event marketers.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when marketing your non-profit’s event.


Time can be your friend or your enemy when it comes to event marketing for non-profits. It is important to have at least 30 days for any non-profit marketing campaign. We have leaned this with our experience. It’s better to start a little early than a little late when it comes to the promotions of an event.


Yes… Weather. Will your event be inside a venue, will it be outside in a patio, will it be on a boat, or a roof-top. Wherever your event will be make sure that you check the weather. We can not control or have an actual control over it. Check an almanac online. We learned this from a very successful event manager from Hollywood.

Rain Insurance

What the flying cow is rain insurance? Yes. We didnt know either at one point. Rain insurance will protect your event investment in case it rains cats and dogs. We are not insurance brokers, but we do suggest doing research to find a reputable event insurance company that will work with you and potentially give you non-profit rates.

Tickets Tickets Tickets

Make sure you have a platform that can handle the ticket sales and ticket management for your event. We have worked with Eventbrite, Better world and a few other ticket management systems.


Collect data, names, emails, phones, addresses, interests. Whatever can be converted to a relationship that supports your cause is valuable. One time donors can turn to recurring donors. Send a thank you email, letter, or call. Make someone’s day great by letting them know how much you appreciate their donations.

Local News

Local news are always looking to cover stories… why not cover your event? Reach out to news networks in your area. Let them know of what you are doing, your event information and your cause. They might just have the time to cover what you are doing. Now you have a higher reach just for reaching out to a few good people.

Plan before you launch

Events can seem simple from the outside, but they are complex operations. Make sure your event plans are structured for success. We, at OIC Digital can definitely cover your marketing and advertising operations and concerns.


Sponsorship packages and donations should be accompanies with something for the donor. From a banner on your event to their name or company name in an acknowledgment letter to the public. To special tickets, or something special. It doesn’t have to be big, just make sure it says, “thank you, we appreciate you.”