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SEO services

Search Engine Optimization. There are many strategies to increase your ranking, search engine friendliness, content writing and placement. Search engines will update their search algorithm and regulations. We will update your website to get up to date with the current SEO regulations and trends. SEO is a constant development so we suggest keeping an active SEO management service subscription with us or giving us an update every time you want new content, products, pages or text placed on your website. We focus on website SEO and on local SEO. Two different things with the same objectives.

Local SEO

Local SEO consists of getting your business listed on relevant directories with your correct business contact information. NAPs : Name, Address, and Phone information is corrected and added to directories so that your business can have more exposure. Having uniform information is key to increasing business credibility and having the correct contact information for your new clients.

Website SEO

We provide website SEO services by keeping your website description pages, tags and indexing updated. We submit your website to Google’s search engine platform so that the information can be received faster by the search engine. We use several software programs to run tests and reposts. We work to get your performance higher and report grade higher.

E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO has the same foundations as website SEO but with more product and service based description methods. We provide product and service e-commerce SEO services by writing descriptions on product links, updating links, and product descriptions on all the spaces we can fill within the e-commerce platform. We currently run Shopify e-commerce SEO services, Amazon e-commerce SEO services and Big Commerce e-commerce SEO services.