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Paid ads

Increase your reach and digital real estate with OIC Digital paid ad management services. We have a successful track record of bringing our clients cost per click down and increasing interactions. Our ad campaign budget management ranges from as little as $500 to over $500,000+ per month. We have experience managing ad campaigns in a variety of industries, including law firms, restaurant companies, logistics companies, and real estate firms to name a few. Understanding how paid advertising works is what gives us a fierce advantage. Compiling data and looking for key points through our developed in-house systems we are able to be a competitive force in the market.

Paid Google ads

What is Google ads? Google ads is a tool which gets your business ads running on their search engine. It covers image ads, search ads, video ads, relative keyword popups, website ads, and maps. There are a few other forms which Google ads cover, but those are the main ones. Google ads run on bidding for spots and monthly budgets. Our objective is to bring in calls, leads, subscribers, data and materials of value through ad campaigns. Our management strategy consists of discovery and focus.

Paid social media ads

We have experience running ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google, and other social media platforms. Get mass exposure through your pages, increase followers, reach, and leads by connecting with audiences of similar customer interests. Social media ads are very flexible in budget and effective. If you want to launch a paid social media ad campaign give us a call and let us be your social media paid ad campaign managers!

Paid video ads

Get a commercial made and run it on YouTube, social media, websites, and send links to your databases. At OIC Digital we handle the entire process. From planning, shooting commercials and then programming them to reach your preferred audiences. From 6 second bumper ads to larger ad videos.