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Management services

We provide digital marketing management services. Our management services cover social media management, website management, e-commerce management, SEO management, paid ads management, local SEO management, promotional management and full account management. We are able to pick up accounts at any stage of development or management. Our objective is to create structure and efficiency for your digital marketing development. Once we have created or adapted to your management structure we are able to deliver posts, ads, promotions, news, information, data, and any other digital asset quickly and under a controlled environment. Uniform updates to all your media pages at the right time of launch.

Social media management

Our objective is to have all of your social media business pages looking uniform with the correct branding, image sizing, information, contact forms, and redirection links. We keep your pages active with a custom advertising schedule. We publish posts on the managed pages and communicate messages, likes, interactions and shares to the pertinent client. Social media is a great tool to increase leads and sales, so we treat all interactions as a lead possibility for our clients. We keep your social media pages updated and productive.

Website management

Do you currently have a website but need a dedicated manager for it? We can get the job done with OIC Digital web management services. We keep your images, content, functions, security, plugins, responsive design, links, SEO, products, information, lead management, trackers, third-party software integrations, mobile, compatibilities and updated.

E-commerce management

Need someone to keep your e-commerce up to date? Let OIC Digital handle your e-commerce management needs. We will keep your inventory, trackers, products, item categories, listings, promotions, and communications updated. Customers want fast responses when they are buying from your website. Customer service and communications is something we also handle. Fast responses build trust in customers, and we want to help you generate recurring business. We work closely with your business to make sure we are always showing the right promotions and appropriate products online. Website management is for the front-end but we also focus on product management. We keep your e-commerce business website updated with the products, images, videos and promotional materials.

Paid advertising management

Paid advertising management services cover social media paid ads, Google ads, third-party paid ad campaigns and other platform paid ad management.
We have the experience, knowledge and tools to make your marketing campaigns run effectively. We have a professional track record of increasing the leads of our clients and lowering their cost per click and cost per view. We provide the structure to turn paid advertising views into leads. Through specific funnels we create for our clients we are able to maneuver the visitor traffic to generate leads. We work with Google ads, Facebook ads, Yelp ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Twitter ads, Snapchat ads, Amazon ads, e-commerce ads and other forms of ad management.