5 Tips for HVAC digital marketing


Do you have an HVAC company and are new to digital marketing? If you are or are just looking for tips here is a list of 10 things to look out for when developing your digital marketing strategy and digital business assets. Here are 5 tips for HVAC digital marketing.

1.Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

If you ask why mobile friendly websites are important; about 70% of search traffic comes from mobile devices. Also there are leads who want to talk to someone and get an appointment booked. Make it easy for a lead to book or call your business. 

2. Know your local competition. This applied to HVAC businesses and any other business. Know what your competition is doing. Always find ways to better your business. Keep clients happy by offering competitive pricing and specials. 

3. Build your social media presence. Social media is the door to new business. Looking for more clients for your HVAC company? Put your business on social media pages. See what these business tools can do for your business. Share reviews, offer services, answer questions and keep your clients updated. Explore social media for your HVAC business

4. Invest in LOCAL SEO. If no one knows who you are no one will call you. Develop your local seo strategy. Target your HVAC service areas so you can be found when someone in that area is looking for your services. 

5. Hire with OIC Digital. We have the experience and know how to develop HVAC marketing campaigns and strategies to bring new traffic and leads to your HVAC business.