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Digital Marketing Technology Management

OIC Digital has been providing digital marketing services since 2019. We are a full digital marketing company, an extension of your business, your digital marketing department, your trend finder, data researcher, marketing consultant and management department. Through experience and listening to our clients we have learned to build strong relationships. We strive to stay on top of new technology to keep our clients up to date and competitive in the marketplace.

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Interested in Web Design?

We have the capabilities to manage multi location franchise websites to start-ups. We do our best to find solutions to all client business sizes.

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Websites are the digital door to your business. This is what potential customers see before they buy, visit or consider you for what they are looking for. We understand the importance of having a great website represent your business online. We want to give people an experience when they visit your site so they can remember your business. The three main functions we focus on is gathering data, creating aesthetically pleasing designs and pushing leads to your sales funnel.

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Your full social media marketing department in one. At OIC Digital we research, plan, create, develop, manage and report under one roof. Our process starts with identifying the clients’ goals. Once we understand what the client is looking for, we review current and past marketing campaigns and build from there. We are not here to sell you a cookie cutter service or experience. We take our time and develop relations in understanding our client’s requests and business. Quality with intelligence drive results.

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We provide digital marketing management services. Our management services cover social media management, website management, e-commerce management, seo management, paid ads management, local seo management, promotional management and full account management. We are able to pick up accounts at any stage of development or management. Our objective is to create structure and efficiency for your digital marketing development. Once we have created or adapted to your management structure we are able to deliver posts, ads, promotions, news, information, data, and any other digital asset fast and under a controlled environment. Uniform updates to all your media pages at the right time of launch.

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Increase your reach and digital real estate with OIC Digital paid ad management services. We have had a successful track record of bringing our client’s cost per click down and increasing interactions. Our budget management ranges from $500.00 per month to over $500,000+ ad campaigns. We have experience managing ad campaigns for law firms, logistic companies, construction companies, moving companies, franchises, furniture, real estate, medical, pharma, dental, education and retail to name some of the fields we cover. Understanding how paid advertising works is what gives us the competitive advantage, compiling data and looking for key points through our developed inhouse systems we are able to be a competitive force in the market.